Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hong Kong 13 -17 Oct 2009

We stayed at the Meridien at Cyberport. Good to be away from the bustle and have a big view over the sea.
Black Kites wheeling all around. Overlooking some woodland where I saw a Greater Coucal. A small waterfront park was full of birds and merits a proper look - just Red Vented Bulbul and Magpie Robin on a jog-through.

Singapore Botanic Gardens 11 Oct 2009

Arrived in Sing hotel at about 1430 which gave just enough time to scoot across to the Botanic Gardens. Common Myna, Hill Myna, Spotted Necked Dove,Yellow Vented Bulbul, Phillipine Glossy Straling, COMMON GOLDEN BACKED WOODPECKER, Kingfisher, Lesser Whsitling Duck, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, White Breasted Water Hen, KOEL. Also saw a Falcon sitting in a tree in the Rainforest section and an aeagle flew overhead.