Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monaco 19 Jun 2013

Whitethroat and Greenfinch in the little Eco-park next to the Grimaldi centre

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Marin Birding 2 Jun 2013

American Crow at hotel. At Muir Beach Overlook, California and Spotted Towhee and Western Bluebird, Turkey Vulture, Black Phoebe.

On to Stinson Beach: Downy Woodpecker, Anna's Hummingbird. Bolinas Lagoon: Great Egret, Caspian Tern and Ring-billed Gull,  Chestnut-Backed Chickadee, Mallard, Canada Geese.

Agate Beach: Califorrnia Quail, American Goldfinch, Brewer's Blackbird, American Robin

Fivebrooks:  Red-tailed Hawk, Osprey, White-throated Sparrow, Western Scrub Jay, Steller's Jay, Western Wood-peewee, Bushtit, Wood-duck, Great Blue Heron, Red-Winged Blackbird

Abbott's Lagoon: White-crowned Sparrow, Barn Swallow, Cliff Swallow, American Bittern, Red-throated Diver, Western Gull, Sanderling, Gadwall, Liittle Gull??, Song Sparrow,  Common Raven, Common Loon.

From car near Petaluma, Bullock's Oriole

12 May, Belper

Grey Wagtail, House Martin, Swallow,  Gadwall, Coot, Moorhen, Canada, Greylag, Oystercatcher, Black-headed,  LTT, Goldfinch, Mallard, Magpie, Blackcap, Blackbird, Chiiffchaff,

Mistle Thrush, willow warbler, sound of a Curlew