Friday, February 23, 2007


Reykjavik Feb 20-22nd 2007

There arent many birds around! On the Golden Circle tour we saw Crows (everywhere) and glimpsed a couple of PTARMIGANS still white and thats all. On day 2, we found redwings in suburban gardens, Whooper Swans, Greylag Geese, Tufted Duck and Mallard on the central lake, then from the steam of the Blue Lagoon I saw a 'snowflake' of SNOW BUNTINGS. Day 3 we drove up to Snaefellness, stopping for some time at Bogardnes. At Bogardnes i saw a distant diving duck with white head and black body. Book says it must be King Eider...but see below. Along the coast are many Eider, occasional Red Breasted Merganser. Late afternoon we went out to the lighthouse at Grotta where i saw Redshank, Cormorants and more of those mystery ducks. Finally I glimpsed a long tail as they dived, and then i saw them swimming along with the tail erect - LONG TAILED DUCK. Magnificent.

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