Friday, June 01, 2007


Milwaukee 15-17 May 2007

On arrival I had a short get-sunlight walk and saw Common Grackle and CARDINAL. An early morning run the next day added American Robin and Red-Winged Blackbird (pic), plus others frustratingly glimpsed around the lake in Veterans/Juneau Park.

On our last day I grabbed an hour to go back to the lake properly equipped. Dozens of RWB and Grackles. Also WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW (which, i only read later, would have popped to the top of its bush if I had 'squeaked'). I vow to return and try that.....

Thrush by the water, that would be a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH then.

Also a largish yellow bird and a warbler, which i havent identified yet.

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