Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thailand 27 Jul - 11 Aug 2007

In Bangkok, and indeed everywhere else, are Tree Sparrows, Rock Pigeons, Common and White-Vented Myna's.

Zooming round the canals near BK I saw Oriental Magpie Robin, GREATER RACKET TAILED DRONGO and what appeared to be a domesticated Swan Goose (also seen outside Chiang Mai).

On the minibus ride to Kanchanaburi we saw Little and Cattle Egrets, Black Capped and White Throated Kingfishers, Spotted Dove, RED WHISKERED BULBUL and a group of BLACK HEADED IBIS.Around KB, LINEATED BARBET and Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker.

At the River Kwai Bridge, ZEBRA DOVE (pictured) and OLIVE BACKED SUNBIRD.

On the river island Koh Kasem, where we stayed nearby, WHITE BREASTED WATERHEN, SOOTY HEADED BULBUL and superb BLUE TAILED BEE EATER. And Flat Tailed Geckos (pictured) in abundance.

At the Erewan Falls, BLACK CRESTED BULBUL and BLACK NAPED MONARCH.Then up to Chiang Mai and a rather frustrating (in bird terms) couple of days in rural / jungle areas. I generally found it very difficult to find birds in the jungle. Puzzled as to why that should be.

On the way back we floated down the Mai Peng river and had great views of Weaver nests, and identified the STREAKED WEAVER.

From the hotel room: GREATER COUCAL and MOUNTAIN BULBUL.

The Doi Suthep temple proved a good vantage point with a VELVET FRONTED NUTHATCH, but a half day of jungle solitude at the Falls yielded just a possible White Crowned Forktail.

Final period was on Koh Samed where we saw a couple of White Winged Terns on a stormy day, a 1 ft Agama Lizard and a 2 ft Water Monitor Lizard (pictured).

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