Saturday, November 21, 2009

USA - NYC, DC, Dallas, Sunrise

New York 24-28 Oct 2009
First sighting was a Peregrine Falcon at the top of the Empire State building.
Next a small Woodpecker outside a 5th Avenue store!
Up to Central park where we found American Robin, Blue Jay,
Dark Eyed Junco, Sparrows (see below),
From the Metropolitan Museum, we saw the Red Tailed Hawk being mobbed.
Later in the week, the park at Union Sq enabled us to nail the White Throated Sparrow, Gadwall and Mallard.
On to Washington. Near the Vietnam memorial, American Coot, Ring Billed Gull, Blue Jay, Double Crested Cormorant.
Red Tailed Hawks over the Mall. Grounds of the White House, Northern Mockingbird.
Next day, Northern Cardinal at the Botanic Garden. Trees at the foot of the Capitol: Mourning Dove and White Breasted Nuthatch. Chipping Sparrow in the Sculpture Garden.
Next day, Eastern Wood Pewee in Seward Square then on to Arlington Cemetery. As trailed by the enthusiastic Spanish bird bloggers, this was very good. Red Bellied Woodpecker early on. Then we found a brilliant patch of bush near Arlington House, where we got new lifers: Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (distinguishing call), Field Sparrow, Black Capped Chickadee, Crested Titmouse, Ruby Crowned Kinglet.
Unexpectedly, I was back in the US the following week. Initially in Dallas. The CBD seemed pretty desolate for birding - best bet seemed to be the area round the cemetery which turns into the grassy knoll of JFK assasination infamy.
On to Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale. a pretty desperate area of malls and car parks, but the landscaped lakes and trees (all that remains of lovely swampland I suspect) support some birds. Limpkin, White Ibis, American Redstart (which is, confusingly, brown and yellow!).

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