Friday, July 30, 2010

General update!

Went to Mumbai last week. First visit since early 1990s and the most noticeable bird factor was not seeing any vultures. I remember on our previous vist - first visit - we arrived at night, then emerged blinking into dazzling sunlight in the morning with our first ever vultures, hornbills, parakeets, kites flying overhead, a totally stunning experience.
All I saw this time were pigeons, lots of Indian House Crows (pic), sparrows, kites and a few parakeets.

Last weekend I went to collect Leo's luggage from his flooded-out sojourn at the Glaslyn Osprey centre and we were given permission to go to the observation hide close to the nests where, even through the pouring rain we got to see 2 ospreys, which come to think of it are my first sightings in the UK.

And finally, on an early morning run today I saw 2 Egyptian geese in the river just by Putney boathouses!

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