Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brazil 4 - Praia do Forte

Final location was Praia do Forte, a coastal resort on the Bahia about an hour north of Salvador. Our hotel had many Kiskadee's and Tyrants plus Marmosets. There is a nature reserve a couple of km out of town but I didn't manage to get there. The location where Brazil's national bird (some sort of blue parrot) could apparently be found is no more.The rest of the group went on a bumpy boat to look for Humpback whales, which left me a few hours to explore. I continued south on the beach and came first to where a lagoon filters into the sea. There was a sandpiper there and some SOUTHERN POCHARDS.Striated Herons everywhere.I trudged on through the soft sand occasionally going thru the undergrowth to check the lagoon. Crested Caracaras overhead. CHALK BROWED MOCKINGBIRDS in the shrubs. Finally (well only a couple of hundred metres really) the lagoon bent inland and I followed a path which therefore headed away from the coast to an area of secondary scrub. And it was brilliant there. I was just taking in an all russet bird when I turned round and saw the uniquely clear stare (I think its the yellow eye rims which do it) of a BLUE CRESTED TROGON on an nearby branch. Glorious.The only tracks on the path were those of a dog......or maybe a jaguar?? I decided to head back to the coast but then found one of those trees which is full of new birds - a TROPICAL GNATCATCHER, PALE BREASTED GROUND DOVE, SWAINSON'S FLYCATCHER, WHITE LINED TANAGER.

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